Saturday, November 19


My little Nicholas had an exciting morning.  He had a very important Cub Scout Pack meeting.  Different from his normal Den meeting, this is a meeting where ALL of the different levels of Scouts from St. Elizabeth Seton meet together.  Today they had a Marine come in to do a uniform inspection.
Here he is checking Nicholas' uniform with the rest of his Tiger Den.  This morning Nick asked me to cut and clean his nails for the inspection.  Those little boys' nails can get pretty dirty.  He is so precious and really takes his uniform seriously.  What a great way to start forming these little men.
 Nicholas got an award for Popcorn sales.  He was the first scout called.  You cannot see his face very well, but his dimple was really deep with a that smile...he was just elated!!
 He received a special prize.....a super cool AM/FM radio with a flashlight and an alarm that sounds if you are in trouble.  It is for hunting at the lease with Daddy.  He gets to go to the lease in 3 weeks, which is exactly 21 days away....he is counting down!!!
After he earned a bead, and won 2 prizes for Popcorn sales (that is 3 trips to the stage already), they started drawing names from a hat for additional prizes that were open for everyone.  I heard Madison whisper a prayer aloud for Nick's name to be called and yes, you guessed it.....he was the last prize drawn from the hat.  A really neat "Boy Scouts of America" wooden box to keep all of the important treasures in.  

Wow, it was one of those times when the blessings were falling so heavy that I felt a little guilty, even though I was so happy for Nick.  I know that Jesus was teaching me a lesson in gratefulness because He knows how distracted I am by what others might be feeling and thinking about me.  He wanted me to be thankful and realize that He has a reason for all of this and for everything that He does and allows.  Nicholas needed this blessing today for things that I may not even understand and I should not question.  I smile to think that our Lord even threw in that special wooden box....just because He can!!  He is God!! And He loves to shower His little ones.

Thank you, Jesus for giving Nicholas such an uplifting and confidence building experience!  He could not wait to call Daddy and tell him (Daddy is hunting this weekend).  He wants his Daddy to be so proud of him......and you know what??  he is!!  There is nothing like a father's love.
Especially a Father's Love (Who is Love)