Saturday, November 19


I am so thankful has a little to do with it being almost Advent and the end of a very busy week......but it has A LOT to do with:

1)  The fact that I LOVE praying with my children EVERY morning to start school...I don't mean a quick offering in the car (don't get me wrong...that is a truly blessed and important time) but I am fortunate enough to get to really have a nice long prayer time (candle lit, cuddled on the schoolroom floor...rainy days are an extra treat) I get to teach them all about God and live out our Catholic faith together each day.

This is when they learn about the most important things of life.  I get to hear their sweet innocent voices praying to our Lord which I know pleases Him even more than it pleases me....and I am REALLY pleased!  

2)  I get to interrupt whatever is happening when one of my little ones has a worry or a concern, or just wants to talk.  We can just stop whatever we are doing and I can TRULY, at those precious times, live out fully my vocation as a mother (we have had so many VALUABLE chats that wouldn't have happened if they were not able to be with me in such a special situation).

3)  I love that I get to teach them all of the their school subjects and learn a lot right along with them.  I know exactly what they have learned and exactly how much of that they know and I would never trade that for anything.

4)  I get to put stickers on their papers (which puts huge smiles on their sweet little lips).  I get to jump around when they finally "get it" and practice lots of patience and love when they "just don't".

5)  I get to wake them up slowly, and feed them all 3 meals!

6)  We get to do EVERYTHING together and for that I am thankful!!

I am not meaning to brag or sound anti-school because I am not anti-school at all (I loved our wonderful Catholic school and pulling the kids out was truly difficult for me) I was just feeling so much joy (a special consolation from my Lord) and just felt called to praise Him. My blog is like a prayer for me!  I know that Jesus did not call everyone to this vocation of homeschooling, but I am so thankful that this was my calling.  I am just so joyful today!
If there is a way to slow down time, I pray that it will be slowed because it is going by so fast.