Thursday, November 24


I love the sound of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade in the house on the morning of Thanksgiving!  The kids just love to watch it.  It is a LONG parade, though. The kids had kind of lost interest when all of the sudden, Nick yells, "IT'S SANTA! IT'S SANTA!"  The official end to the Thanksgiving Day parade is Santa and his sleigh!  All of my children (there are only 3 but when they all run down our wooden staircase, it sounds like the word "all" fits better) ran down as fast as they could to see!!
 Savannah hasn't quite made it all the way to the familyroom yet.......but I hear her running and yelling
 Here she is
 Their faces were lit up with excitement!  "Is that the real one (Santa), mommy?" Nicholas asks.  "Of course it is, Nick!" answers Madison quickly...."It is the MACY'S parade!" ("probably the biggest parade in the world", I follow by saying)
I had to get a pic of their faces as it feels more and more like Christmas each day.  This is an exciting time of year......As you all know, our family has already kind of started celebrating Christmas a bit early with decorations and cookies.  Well, I felt a little silly about it, BUT now that St. Nicholas has made his official appearance, I am feeling pretty good!

But don't worry....we realize that the season doesn't OFFICIALLY BEGIN until the first Sunday of ADVENT which is this Sunday! (The start to our beautiful Liturgical Year) We cannot wait to really start preparing our hearts for the Christ Child. Until then.....