Thursday, November 24


 We put the cookies into a pretty basket to take to grandma & Grandpa's house for our Thanksgiving celebration
 My mom's table was set so pretty with all of her best china
 The "Blue Willow" dishes looked so striking with the red table cloth
 My mom made a special place for Jeremy during the Thanksgiving meal so that he could watch the important Cowboy football game!!  They won!!!
 My sister and her hubby, "Uncle Chris"
 Me and my Love Bug! (Notice his "jelly of the month club" t-shirt from the movie,  Christmas Vacation)
 Nicholas trying his first bite of the wonderful food...after we said our before meal prayers of course.  His favorite part was the turkey!!! Mine too
 Now for Savannah to have a try.....her favorite part is the sweet kernel corn
 Now, Madison.....her favorite part is the stuffing!
 My sweet little niece, Courtney with her Santa cup
 My sweet little niece Kerry (named after me!) eating one of our Christmas cookies
 The kids adorned Grandma's Christmas tree with Candy canes!
 Auntie Deonn reading some "Black Friday" newspaper specials
 Here is my Daddy!  I love you!
 Jerms and Uncle Chris talking about teeth! (Uncle Chris is in Dental school)
 Me, my Sis (Kelley) and Dad
 Me, my Sis, and Mom
 All four of is crazy to think that this was our ENTIRE family for so many years!!
 Now THIS is our ENTIRE family.....isn't our Lord amazing!!!!
 The Girls (Madison, me, Mom, Sis, and Auntie Deonn)
 Jeremy and his sweet Nana.....she didn't want any pictures but finally agreed to this one.  We were so glad that her and Papa could be with us on Thanksgiving
The Boys!!  Papa, Jeremy, and Little Nicholas....we are so spoiled to have Nana and Papa close by!
Happy Thanksgiving