Saturday, November 26


We decided last minute (when we returned home from our Thanksgiving celebration) to pack up and go to the lake for the rest of the weekend......we really needed the time away to just reconnect as a family and just spend time together.

Here are some pics of us just laying around
 It was really cold and cloudy......perfect for some cozy time together
 Max loves the lakehouse......he loves chasing the ducks
 Here is the only pic of me from the weekend......I am sitting on the back patio looking at the lake.  It was very serene (I just love my Mary Jane Sketchers comfy and versatile.......or maybe NOT so versatile.......maybe I just wear them with everything!!)
 Noodles came out to see me
 The lake level is so low that we could not take our boat out after early August.....where the kids are standing used to be under water.  What better place to find "sunkin" treasure,  They explored all afternoon
 Nick found all sorts of clams (there is Max chasing a duck family)
 Nick even found an old bucket to collect all of his clams in
The children felt like real explorers.  I love when they play together