Wednesday, November 30


Have I mentioned how blessed that I feel to live so close to Jeremy's grandparents!?!?  We get to spend so much time with them and they really get to take part in our daily life as a family.  They get to watch their great-grandchildren grow up as my children get this amazing opportunity to know their great-grandparents so intimately.  I just would not trade this situation for the world.
Jeremy and I love to make them smile!  We love to show them how special they are to us.
This evening we took all sorts of Christmas decor over to their home and decorated it for them with the kids.  What a great blessing that was for us.  Our hearts were so joyful looking at how their home lit up with Christmas joy!  Here are some pics from the evening.
 Here is Madison trying on the "tree skirt" as a skirt!  She is such a funny girl!
 Savannah and Papa looking through the "junk drawer" for a screwdriver to attach the door wreath
 We bought these ornaments but didn't realize that we had to tie the "thin" string around each one in order to hang it on the tree....It was like threading a needle!!!! BUT a true labor of love
 Yeah!  Madison got one done!!...35 more to go...
 Nick found our Angel in our attic to bring over her Nana and Papa to enjoy on their tree this year
 He REALLY wanted to put her on top before the tree was even decorated
 Being silly with the ornaments...."look, it's Madi the Red Nosed Reindeer!"
 Very creative, but kind of creepy all at the same time (I like her beautiful blue eyes much better)
"My love" working on hanging the wreath on the door with Nick's help, of course (he always want to help us with anything....he has a true heart of service)
 Doesn't our Nana look beautiful in this picture!!!  I think that she would like this picture!
 A mini Christmas tree planted in the pot for outside the apartment
 I wish that my blog had smell, because this is a REAL LIVE pine wreath to welcome their many guests.  You can smell it coming down the hall.  If anyone ever asks.....Christmas DEFINITELY has a smell!! Didn't Jeremy make it look amazing with the pretty plaid hanger?!?!
 We made quite a mess with our real pine wreath so the kids vacuumed the floor
 They loved helping out with this special evening of trimming
 Some greenery adorned with berries and pine cones on Nana's beautiful China cabinet....I just love Christmas decor!! It just dresses up an entire room with joy!!
 Here are the great-grands with their Nana and Papa beside the pretty lit Christmas tree (this picture really catches the mood of the evening...we were all so happy and just laughing)
 Here are the grands with our Nana and Papa beside the pretty lit Christmas tree
Here is a picture of the tree.  I turned out to be the perfect size for their home!  Thank you Jesus for this evening.  This is more Christmas than anything that we have done so far this season!   We love making our Nana and Papa happy.  They make US so happy too!!  They are a huge joy in our lives.  We couldn't imagine them NOT living near to us.