Friday, December 2


There is nothing more romantic then seeing your hubby leading our children in our nightly Advent offering.  What a beautiful and important time for the our family
 Look how our little ones listen carefully to Daddy reading scripture and special prayers preparing our hearts for the Christ Child
 They were having such a sweet discussion about what we can do as a family to peach Christ's word to others, especially during Advent
 Everyone had something to share.  I love their powerful ideas!  Their souls are just on fire for Jesus, they feel like they can do anything for Him.....and they can!!!  I can learn so much from them.  "It's not our strength, but His..."
 Madison staring at the Advent wreath.  The kids love lighting the candles each night.  Christmas is coming soon!!
Here is our family's Advent wreath and one of our offering booklets that we follow.  We have 2 booklets that we read from each evening, and Jeremy always asks me (every night) "Why do we need 2?!?!"  I just loved how they were both laid out.  They use scripture, prayers, reflections, and hymns to help prepare us.  One is from when I was little and one is more contemporary.  I just could not we use both each night.  It's such amazing family time.  We are going to continue with nightly scripture after Advent too.  We have always talked about it, but never stuck with it.  It is so valuable.....something that they will thank us for!