Tuesday, December 20


My hubby loves to hunt and shot a deer a few weeks ago.  He brought home the meat to cut up and dehydrate into venison jerky!  Well, our old dehydrator was not big enough so he went to buy a new one.
 I gotta throw out an "Are you kidding me?!!?" here.  Isn't it a little big?!?
 He LOVES it.  His parents came into town for Christmas and so "the boys" were busy on meat detail.  It was so cute to watch them
Here they are....bonding and dehydrating
 Of course my Little Noodles was there with the big boys joining in on their "boy bonding thing"  He always wants to be a part of anything that Daddy does.  I love that.....Here he is putting on quite the show for everyone!  He is so funny!