Thursday, December 22


Jeremy grew up with a very sweet tradition of making Santa cookies for Santa each Christmas.  These are not just ordinary Santa cookies......these are very detailed and beautiful Santa cookies.  Grammy (Jeremy's mom) brought all of the stuff to make the cookies with the grandkids!  What a fun and memorable event!
 Look at this vintage cookie cutter box.  It reminds me of my childhood!
 Mixing up the dough for the cookies with Grammy and Oompa

 Time to cut the cookies out.  They took special care to pack the dough in every corner of the mold.  There little fingers pushed the dough in all of the crevices.  They worked very hard
 Nicholas and Savannah were in charged of the raisin eyes!  They cut them and placed them carefully onto Santa's jolly face
Here are the bakers!  Madison loves to accessorize with a little flour (on her nose) when she bakes

Here are the Santas.......baked, cooled and ready for be-dazzling!
Grammy showed us step be step how to make our Santa cookies come to life!!
Madison was in charged on making his fluffy hat and pom pom for the top.....a very important part of Santa's outfit!
Nicholas carefully painted on an icing beard that was to be covered in shredded coconut to make really make it fluffy
Savannah be-dazzled his hat and rosy cheeks with sparkle candies

Time to add the coconut for his beard!
He is finished and ready for eating
 We made a lot of Santa's for family, friends, and of course to leave for Santa on Christmas Eve
(you will notice one Santa without  any icing......that is Nicholas' special Santa to eat.  He doesn't like icing)