Saturday, December 10


Jeremy, Nicholas and our friend and his son (Nick's little buddy) went on a visit to our local Keller fire station for Cub Scouts.  We missed the boy's Den visit while we were out of town over Thanksgiving.  Our friends were out of town as well, so the boys got to go together.
Look how little they look on the big fire truck.  They were so starstruck by the the firemen!!  Sweet little boys!  Of course we would want to bring something to show our appreciation for all that our firemen do to keep our town safe.......I would have baked cookies or brownies, but of course being boys, the Daddies had a different idea (and probably a better one).  They stopped by the store and picked up big juicy steaks and baked potatoes for the fire fighters to cook up for dinner! 
They LOVED it (of course)!  What a special virtuous calling it is to be a fire fighter!