Saturday, December 10


After Mass this evening, we went to see St. Nicholas to tell him what we wanted for Christmas.  He comes to our church!  We always see him there every year.  This year we took a family picture with him
Here we all are with Jolly ol St. Nick!
A high 5 and a candy cane for Nicholas!!
 Our Sweet Savannah did not know what to ask him for.  She started to get teary with stress of what to tell him during this ONE opportunity before Christmas.  I love her sensitive innocent heart.  We helped her to pick one of her wishes and suggested that she add in "Whatever ever your idea might be for a gift for me too, Santa"  They look so forward to this each year.
Madison looks so little in this pic.  She has been looking so big these days!  I don't want her to get older!  But I am thankful that she is becoming such a beautiful young lady, inside and out.  I wish that a Mother's Heart was better at letting go.