Thursday, December 15


Today was our last day of our homeschool before Christmas vacation (our homeschool is dedicated to the Divine Mercy of our Lord and is called St. Maria Faustina Catholic Academy........just to give me a hard time, Jeremy calls our school St. Jeremy's Institute for the Gifted and Talented, but that is NOT the real name).  We also had our last homeschool co-op day of 2011 and brought Madison's friend Claire home with us for a playdate/sleepover.  My boys, Jeremy and Nicholas left today to go hunting for the weekend and so it is just the girls.  It has rained all day and now as I blog it is storming outside.  It is quite cozy and I am listening to Christmas music and of course singing along as I post these pics....

ANYWAY the girls (Savannah, Madison, and Claire) got all dressed up, put on makeup and did each other's hair so that they could film their own movie!  They have been working on it for hours (about 5 hours to be exact.....with a short dinner break)!  I cannot wait to see it!  In fact they just asked if I could stop singing Christmas carols while they shot a scene in the downstairs hallway.  I stopped them for a minute to take a picture of them.  They are having so much fun!
 They all dressed up for their is a "Nancy Drew" Mystery Movie......Savannah is the mean girl as she is dressed like a rock star.  It is funny to see their image of what the mean girl would wear....stuff that their mom disapproves of, of course : )  Madison is Nancy Drew and Clare is the innocent kidnap victim
 Here is a close up to show their make up and hair.....they did eye makeup, lips, the works.....I really hope it all comes off! They were having SO MUCH FUN TOGETHER!
 Savannah's little friend could not come to sleep over and I felt heart broken for her, but now I see that it was all in His plan to have the big girls (Madison and Claire) include her so sweetly, just playing so well together and having so much fun as sisters!
They struck a pose for me!  It's so fun being a girl!!