Wednesday, December 28


When I am waking with any or all 3 of my children, I can at any time open my hand and extend it behind me making a grabbing motion into the air, and sure enough within a matter of seconds a little hand will latch onto mine.  This is one of the best feelings in the world.  Yesterday Nicholas and I were walking across the house and I extended my hand only to have his precious little hand fill in the empty space in mine. 
 (Nicholas' darling little hand.....look and it is not even dirty)

It was sweet to be holding hands just simply walking across the house, just because I am his mommy and he is my little one.  There were no cars like in a parking lot that could put him in danger, or crowd of people that he feared he may get lost, we were just holding hands because that is what mommys and their children do.  I was just filled with happiness at this thought.  But in that special moment, a sad thought shadowed my joy......what will it feel like when I extend my hand out behind me and no one will be there to grab onto it?  Wow, it is hard to see my little ones growing up.  I don't want to spend a moment not enjoying these 3 special gifts that were intrusted to me.  God, please console me in the future when they are gone and there are no little hands to hold onto mine.