Sunday, January 1


Lori and Felix hosted their annual New Years Eve party again this year!  It was so fun.  We always look forward to the great friends and yummy food.....and I cannot forget to mention, Felix's FAMOUS "Spiked Slush"!! (Yummy and dangerous!!)  I FORGOT MY CAMERA, so some of these pics are from my iphone which was NOT performing well at all.  Thank you friends for the pics that you sent to me.  they are MUCH BETTER
 Some of the boys!
(Chuck, Chris, Felix, Walker, and my Jeremy)
 Me and Lizzy!!
 BIG NEWS!!! Chuck and Liz are HAVING A BABY!!.......Here is her belly!!
 Tim, Jeremy, and my Jeremy
 The Girls
(LeAnn, Michele, Liz, Kate, Carey, Shelly, Lori and I in the front)
More of the girls.....we just talked and laughed all night long!
Jeremy and Tim
Carey, Lizzy, and me
 Almost midnight.......all of the children (20 of them) rushed for noise makers...all the younger girls did makeovers on each other and had all of this makeup on!  They looked really cute!  So fun to be girls
The boys played soccer outside for most of the night! (this is the only picture I captured of Nicholas.  There is a group of 3 boys standing by the soccer goal....He is the one in the blue shirt and black pants closest to the camera. He had SO MUCH FUN!!
 Some of the sweet little girls Ringing in the New Year!
(Alyse, Isabella, Madison, Elizabeth, Savannah B, Alexa)
Chuck and Jeremy Ringing in the New Year!!
Jeremy and my New Years kiss!
(my favorite part)
Thank you, Felix and Lori for another great start to a new year!  We are so blessed to have you as our friends!

HAPPY 2012!!