Thursday, December 8


We are so blessed to be able to have opportunities to serve others with our children.  Savannah's brownie troop pulled away from Girl Scouts of America (questionable values) and became a service group that her and her friends named themselves "Mary's Angels".  Mary was the first apostle of her Son, Jesus!!  ANYWAY...they went to the North Tarrant County food bank and worked in the warehouse in an assembly line filling boxes for the poor.  We ALL need to remember how blessed we are to have food whenever we are hungry!
A sign over the warehouse window
Here is an outside view of the BUSY warehouse where the girls worked the assembly line
 Savannah filling boxes with juice boxes with the help of some other workers
 There was SO MUCH food!!  I know that it does not go very far though, with all of the hunger!
They needed to get Savannah a chair to stand on to reach!  I just had to take a pic!  It was so cute! What a little servant of God!
 Madison got to go with us and help too.  This is her and her friend, Clare loading boxes with peanut butter and fruit roll-ups
 My little man had to wait behind the glass while the girls worked.  He was a little antsy but really still very good....aside from a few whines about leaving...but he NEVER got in trouble for was really nothing bad.  Why do I mention all of that.....well, for the next pic.
On the way out of the parking lot, the girls thanked me for bringing them and said that they loved being there helping (wow, I got the credit....God bless the my mommy friends who organized the visit). 

Without being prompted AT ALL.....I hear this little voice (of the boy pictured above) mumble..."Sorry for being a toot, Mommy"  He wasn't even disciplined for his very small offense.  I loved to see our Lord at work in his soul to feel when he has not been at his best. 

As if the day wasn't awesome already, another blessing was that we got to go on the Feast of The Immaculate Conception.  So we left the food bank and met Daddy at Mass.  What a truly blessed day!  I want every day to be like that!