Monday, December 5


The kids have been a bit impatient today with each other, so Jeremy and I had them write letters to each other telling why they love one another.  We presented them during our Advent offering that evening.  The kids worked pretty hard on this project.
 Here is Madison reading her letter to Nicholas.  She made poems for each of them about why they were special
 Then she read Savannah's poem and letter
 Nicholas and Savannah made snowflakes to go along with their cards to each other.
Savannah made a word puzzle at the end of hers for the other ones to solve.  They really enjoyed it.  Lots of hugging and happiness.......I know that this complete peace won't last forever but I am enjoying it for now.

We need to remind ourselves about the great attributes of our family members.  It's easy to forget, but I love remembering why God chose them for my family and why they are PERFECT for me!