Friday, January 13


Our Grammy and Oompa blessed us with a surprise visit last weekend.  We all became "puzzlers" for the entire weekend!!  The kids got a puzzle from Santa Claus and began work on it with Grammy and Oompa while they were here with us.  It brought the entire family together, crowded around our coffee table obsessed with "finding one more piece".  We had Nana and Papa, Papa's sister (Phylis), Oompa's sister (Aunt Julie), Grammy, Oompa, Uncle Jason, Jeremy, me, and our 3 kids!  All of us shifting in and out from the puzzle table throughout the day
 So, Oompa, in trying to tease Madison, had a favorite puzzle piece that he found.  He kept sticking it in the wrong place to get Madison to laugh.  She DID love it, but had to banter back in giggly frustration for him to stop putting it in the wrong place.  WELL Oompa finally found the REAL place for his favorite puzzle piece and we had to take a pic!

It was one of the funniest memories of the weekend!  Oompa is so much fun!

 There is where the puzzle piece REALLY belongs
Both Oompa and Madison carefully placed the puzzle piece
Madison and Oompa just adore each other!  It is a sweet relationship!

We love you Grammy and Oompa.....Come back soon!