Sunday, March 11

MY DADDY (Bringing others to Christ)


What did my Daddy do after working hard to support his family for 33 years at GTE (the old Verizon)?? He retired and returned to school at Ave Maria University and earned his Masters in Theological Studies.  He did not travel or golf.... he brought souls to Christ!  He was a devoted volunteer at his church (St. Ann Catholic Parish) for over 20 years.  He was recently recognized by Bishop Kevin Ferrel of Dallas for outstanding work for so many years.
Daddy, you have changed hearts and have brought many souls to Christ!  You and Mom brought me and Kel to Christ as children and because of your great example, now we are bringing our children to Christ!  I am so proud of you.  I love you.
 My Dad was called up to the altar at Mass today to be recognized for his special award in front of the congregation
 Father said some beautiful things about my Dad...thanking him for his years of service for Christ's Holy Kingdom
Here is Grandpa (My Dad) with his 5 grandchildren (who love Jesus with all of their little hearts too)