Tuesday, March 13


My sweet little Nick had a deep splinter in his little foot.  We have had a lot of splinters in our household, but this one was so deep that we could not get it out.  I ended up taking Nicholas to our pediatrician to have a doctor look at it.  Well, it needed to come out.  

My brave little boy laid there on the table quietly with tears streaming down his face....so brave.....so sweet.....not squirming around at all!

The doctor had to absolutely dig that stubborn splinter out of his precious little foot with one of those blood draw needles with the little scooper on the tip....it was really awful!  I just kept holding onto him, telling him how brave he was being and how much I loved him....
Finally, after the splinter was out (he turned totally green and broke into a cold sweat), my little Nicholas fainted!!

Later that evening, he was cuddling with me in his bed and confiding in me about his experience at the doctor's office.  He told me that the room started to move.....he said that he was having trouble getting his breath and that my voice started echoing.  He explained that he couldn't keep his eyes open, even when he wanted to.  He told me that he was so afraid that he was dying.  

I told him that I was so sorry that he was scared, but that he was never in danger of dying.....his awesome body that our Lord created was in a lot of pain, and so to deal with the pain, it was just trying to go to sleep.  He said that he understood but that he was still afraid of it happening again and asked if I would sleep with him that night.  And guess what...... I did.  I held him all night!  
I listened to him breathing and smelled his sweet skin.  I just kept kissing his warm face.  He is my baby boy!  

Thank you, Lord for quiet times when I can really be there as a mommy for my little ones (my lambs).  In the quiet of the night, when all was asleep, I got to truly enjoy just being his mommy