Wednesday, April 25


We went on a family bike ride tonight!  What a fun time we had!  I have not been on a bike in a few years and was a little afraid, but I did pretty good......I guess like the old saying goes...."You never forget how to ride a bike!"
Our sweet Nicholas, being a little boy likes to try and make skid marks as he rides his bike down the street.  Well, he was making some skid marks and had a fall!  Poor little man.  He was so brave and barely cried.  I knew that it hurt a lot!  Here is a picture of the horrible wound and of my little sweetheart.
 Poor baby boy!
While we were getting ready for bed, we talked about how awesome our Lord is and how He has already begun to heal his precious knee, through what Nicholas was already feeling in his leg (swelling, throbbing). Nicholas asked Daddy and I to bless his wound.  I love Nicholas and his sisters look to Christ first......they should and He will always hear them because He is our Father!  He loves us and wants us to depend on Him for everything. 
Jeremy and my prayer for our children....over EVERYTHING ELSE (success in career, health, etc...) is that they will ALWAYS stay close to our Lord and look to God first!! Trust in Him and depend on Him.  Our Lord will never disappoint us! 

Thank you, Jesus for giving Nicholas and his sisters that faith in You!  PLEASE help them to hold tight to it throughout their entire lives!

After a bath, a blessing, some Motrin and "Boo Boo Juice" he felt much better!