Tuesday, April 24


We are finishing up our school year and so we saw it fitting to have a school family picnic....which of course since we homeschool, the school IS just our family, so it was rather easy to organize!

The idea was actually brought on when I saw our palm branches from Palm Sunday sitting in my kitchen.  Since they are blessed, we cannot just throw them away....they need to be burned (the ashes used in Ash Wednesday Services in the Catholic church are actually the burned palm ashes from Palm Sunday's blessed palms).

So, we will burn the palms in the fire pit as a family activity this evening.   It was be a special time for our family.
The weather was perfect.....a little breezy and cool when the sun went down.

 After we burned our palms we talked about the significants of the palms and why we burn them with the kids.  It was a beautiful teaching opportunity for Jer and I.  We have been blessed with such a beautiful and rich faith!
 After we burned our palms, we brought out some hotdogs and roasted them for dinner.  It was truly a blessed dinner!
Here is Savannah roasting her hotdog
 There is Max, WATCHING Savannah roast her hotdog
 There are my boys!
 My sweet Madison
My Family!
Nick is a GREAT chef!
 Savannah thinks that hers tastes great too!
Madison's is perfectly browned!
Even Max got a taste at the very end!

After a wonderful family dinner, we had a great time just sitting around and visiting, playing "I Spy" and just laughing a lot!