Saturday, April 21


The boys set up a little bike workshop in our driveway this morning.  Today was the annual Boy Scout Bike Rally!! Nicholas and Daddy were so very excited about it!!  They had to make sure that both their bikes were up to par to handle all of the trails that they were going to explore.
Here are the 2 bikes in the workshop
 Daddy's oiling the chain to ensure a safe and smooth ride
 "Turn the peddles, Nick while I oil up the sprockets!" Daddy explains....

LATER.....(After a short Nick and Daddy Donut breakfast date) THE RALLY BEGINS!!!

 Very patriotically, the rally begins with a Flag Ceremony
Look at Nick's little salute.....he's the one in the yellow shorts (I love those tiny fingers)
 Let's start the riding now
(Nicholas and Bryson starting on the journey)
 Towards the end, all of the boys stop for a quick picture together
Here is Nick before it is time to go home.....what a fun morning with Daddy!

It was such a special day for my boys