Saturday, April 14

HORSEBACK RIDING TRIP/with a little bit of Nick added at the end

Savannah's Mary's Angels group had their end of the year trip horseback riding today.  The weather looked grim but held out for a very enjoyable afternoon at Benbrook Stables
 The car ride to the stables was almost an hour so of course we stopped off for a treat at 7eleven for slurpees and beef sticks.....what the REAL cowboys eat!
 Precious friends (Savannah and Abby) waiting for their turn to ride
 Savannah is so little compared to this HUGE horse.....Even with the steps!
 She finally made it all the way up and strapped in
 Savannah and her horse "Bert" waiting to start their hour long ride
 Savannah and Maggie laughing because their horses kept kissing each other
Maggie was yelling, "They are getting married!"........Such sweet little girls!
 There she goes off on her journey
 Bye Bye Savannah!!  And with that, she rode into the sunset (Well, the afternoon rain clouds)
 It has been an hour and she is returning with a huge smile on her face
 Now she wants a horse of her very own and to be a REAL cowgirl......or at least take horseback riding lessons at the ranch near our house....on their horses
The Mary's Angels troop!! These young ladies are our future Christian wives, mommies, and maybe even a couple of nuns!
But for now......they will just be little girls who just have fun being silly!!

This pleases our Lord so much
Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” Matthew 19:14

Did you notice Nicholas in the first pic but in none of the rest.....Well, he came with us while Madison and Daddy were working up at church.  He hung out patiently while Savannah and the other girls rode the horses for 2 hours (2 shifts of 1 hour each) and then sat at dinner with all of the moms and girls for 2 more hours!!
He never complained, never misbehaved.....he was such a fact he initiated prayer for the group before we ate our dinner with everyone.

I am just in love with my sweet little boy
 Without Nicholas expecting anything or asking for anything....We rewarded him with a truck carrier that he has been eyeing in our gift closet.
He did not behave to earn anything....he behaved because it was the right thing to do and it pleases Jesus.  We are very thankful for him and for our precious girls too.

Thank you, Jesus for entrusting us with these little souls.....we pray to return them to You some day
(On another note....I hope that he never grows out of these dinosaur jammies)