Friday, April 13


In Savannah's "Mary's Angels" troop, aside from their service projects, the girls take turns presenting different countries during their meetings.  It is a great chance for them to work on public speaking and all of the girls enjoy learning about far away places!

It was Savannah's turn and she chose to present Italy to the group.  Savannah is my shy girl, so she really did not want to present a country.  She was so brave and just did amazing!
 She made that poster you see in the background...(all of our pictures of our family trip to Italy last summer)  Look at her smiling as she explained each one
 She even drew a diagram of how big the pepperoni was on the pizza in Rome!
 She giggles as she points to a picture of herself tasting wine at a vineyard near Naples...she was quite the entertaining presenter!
The questions from the group went on and on until we had to move onto the next activity.  It was great and she was so proud that she did it!
 Here is my sweet girl!
Savannah and her sweet friend, Maggie during snack time