Friday, April 13


My wonderful husband and the love of my life is quite good at EVERYTHING!  That would naturally include he is quite the chef!!  He has awesome ideas and is not afraid to take any of those ideas on, even if they seem too big!

We went out to eat with some friends a couple of months ago and the restaurant had this really cool appetizer.  I just left saying, "Wow that was great....I have never seen that before!"  Jeremy left making a mental list of what he needed to compile in order to recreate this experience for our family.
It stared with these huge river rocks.....cleaned, oiled, and heated to 500 degrees in the oven
Raw steak and shrimp cut really thin
Along with an array of dipping sauces
He sprayed the HOT rocks with butter (see them sizzling)
 Then we put on some of the steak and shrimp....see it cooking?!?!
We cooked our dinner at the table.......the kids loved it as you may have expected!
 Jeremy sauteed fresh green beans to compliment the main was an amazing dinner!!
To top it off, he even cleaned it all up!!

In finishing up this posting, I gaze over at the counter where everything is nicely cleaned and ready to put away.  I cannot help but I have enough cabinet space???......No really, what am I going to do with all of these huge rocks?!?!

I am so thankful for my husband, who with his enthusiasm for life and fearless attitude, makes OUR life fun!  He is an excellent compliment to me (the stressed one)

Our Lord is so amazing how He creates someone perfect for each one of us!  Jeremy makes me a better person and I love him a lot!