Sunday, June 17


I love my wonderful husband......the love of my life.  He is amazing!!!
 (For Father's Day, we had Daddy's signed jerseys framed for our exercise room  He actually had the Emmit Smith jersey signed 10 YEARS AGO....that is how long it took me to get it framed!)

But, I kinda feel like my Father's day cards each year say the same thing.  Well, the actual card is different but my personal note is very much repetitive.  It is hard because, I really feel the things that I am saying to him and each year, I still feel those same feelings but I wish that I could express that those feeling are even stronger than the year before!!
I love Jeremy with all of my heart.  He is perfect for me!! He is a great and caring a wonderful and loving father!  He is also a strong spiritual head for our family! I adore him and trust him with everything!!  Today I feel these feelings with all of my heart! BUT next year I will feel them even stronger!!!  Every day that goes by, my love for him grows.  I know that that sounds cliche' but it is really true......and I LOVE that it is true!  Thank you Jesus for my Jeremy!!!

We are always out of town for Father's day weekend.  We have an orthodontic alumni family weekend that we have been attending for the last 12 years.  It started out always in San Antonio either at La Cantera, or the Hyatt Hill Country Resort, but for the last several years it has been at the Hyatt Lost Pines in Bastrop, near Austin.  We LOVE that resort.  No matter which place we have gone to, each year, on our way home (on Father's Day) traveling north on 35....we leave the resort early to make it to Waco for 11:00am Mass at St. Josephs and then head over to Jeremy FAVORITE restaurant from College...."Buzzard Billy's"  We took this picture of him and the kids in front of the restaurant.  
It was still a great day!!
We love our Daddy!  When we made it home late that afternoon, we spent the rest of the day changing light bulbs throughout the entire house......what a job that was!!
Happy Father's Day to our Dad!!

Now that I have duly honored my amazing husband and soul mate....I wanted to just wish MY daddy a happy father's day as well.
(This is a picture of my Daddy praying over me....he does this EVERY time we say goodbye to each other...I NEVER want to forget how great that feels)

As I have expressed before, I just adore my daddy.  I could not imagine my life without him and his humble and wonderful Christian heart!  His  guidance in life is SO VERY IMPORTANT to his little girl (me).

Thank you, Father,  for my Daddy!