Friday, June 8


Madison group Christian Performing Arts Center group, called "Remix" filmed a video that is being broadcast on Daystar Kids Christian Channel!!  They are playing it between the children's programs on Saturday mornings.  She is one of the backup singers/dancers.  The main singers are the kid's class leaders at CPAC.  All of the kids attend CPAC with them (what a great group).

 You can see Madison in a few closeup moments but the video is fast moving.......when the singers are looking over the balcony in the gym, Madison is on the far right of the screen (2nd from the end/3 rows back).  She is wearing a blue/plaid hat (looks plain blue from the balcony), black shirt and blue/plaid skirt and black leggings (with piggy tails in her hair)!

When the lead singer starts to rap mid way throw the song, they shoot a close up on Madi for a second or two!! Then right after the rap part, the song changes up for the "breakdown" they shoot a close up of Madison again!! See if you can spot her!  Once you do, you just cannot miss her after may have to watch a few times.  Click the little arrows in the bottom right corner of the screen to make the video bigger........All 3 kids are involved in CPAC. It is a great group and best of all......It is all in honor of Our Lord Jesus Christ!