Saturday, September 8


The kids wanted to make muffins this morning, so we made it into their home-econimics class.  They really worked well together and the muffins were so good!!
 So carefully placing the muffin papers in the tins
 Carefully combining all of the ingredients.....don't get your feet in it!! One of the negatives about baking while sitting on the counter.....still too short to stand on the ground and see what is going on on top!
 There is my sweet smile!!  Almost finished and ready for the pouring of the batter
Here is Nicholas carefully putting some batter into each little cup.  He is working so hard.

Thank you for this peaceful morning with my oldest and my youngest child!  Thank you Lord for giving me the grace to say "yes" to the mess that it would make to let them help.  Thank you Lord for giving me the grace to say "yes" to all of the extra time that it would take to let them help.
And, thank you Lord for all of the smiles, joy, and happiness that was brought to my heart and my family by saying "yes" to letting them help.

I have plenty of time to make something faster, to create something with less clean-up, but I don't have plenty of time to be messy and behind schedule.....with my little ones by my side!
I love you, my Precious Children!
Thank you, Christ Jesus for the great gift of my little children