Sunday, September 2


Our sweet Papa just isn't feeling all that well.  We try and visit him a lot so that he does not get lonely in the rehab center away from Nana and his home.  Lately, he has not been feeling up to having a lot of guest...(aka kids)
We really respect that and do not go into see him as much as Jeremy and Nana do, of course.  We keep our distance but at times he is delighted to see us.  Anyway, today we took Papa some flowers after Mass and got to kiss his soft forehead and say hello
We found the most beautiful flower arrangement at the store that was huge and bright sunflowers, with some beautiful greenery!  It was so cheery and we were just beaming walking in to his room with it!
My children know that Papa is sick and that he is 93 years old.  This does not scare them at all!  They think that Papa is the luckiest man because he gets to go to heaven soon!  Isn't that beautiful.  They say that they will miss him dearly, but that they will be so jealous that he get to be with our Lord.

To remind Papa of his loving Father looking down on him during this tough time, we adorned the Sunflower Bouquet with the most beautiful Face that one could ever imagine....It is more beautiful than one can ever imagine....a picture of Jesus!  What a gorgeous face to look at and to concentrate on!
Oh Dear Lord, bring our Papa true Peace

(And no Savannah did NOT wear a Dr. Pepper T-shirt to Mass.....She changed in the car : ))