Saturday, September 15


Well it was the 2012 Boy Scout Fishing Derby this past weekend and mommy (me) survived it without Daddy (he was out of town)
I did a pretty good job I must say.....I think that the other families might have been doubtful when I pulled up with all of the kids (and our friend, Joey) as some very generous dads came over to offer  to help me......God is so good to me to send his angels to render aide!!
I set up our chairs,  lined the fishing poles, hooked the lines, put bobbers on the lines, and put hotdogs on the hooks (PRETTY GOOD, I THOUGHT)

.....then Joey's dad, Felix showed up to take care of any issues!!  He brought live worms for bait as that is as far as I could go....I COULD NOT stomach the thought of piercing live worms with the hooks so he was on worm duty (that is why God made boys love that kind of stuff)
Then with the worms we actually started catching some fish!

(Nick's first catch)
He caught 4 in all
(Joey's first Catch)


Then we had the flag ceremony and awards for the derby.  Nicholas den got to lead the ceremony....and my Nicholas got to be the "Flag Carrier".  That is a big deal!  I was so happy for him to be chosen for this honor
Our Daddy was flying in that day with Uncle Jason from their fishing trip to Alaska with Oompa.  Uncle Jason rushed Jeremy (our Daddy) from the DFW airport to the fishing derby so that he could see Nicholas carry the flag.  We were so glad that our Daddy got there just in time!!

He was such a GREAT Flag Carrier

Then it was time for the awards....Nicholas got to come up and tell Pack 32 how he sold so much popcorn last year.  He was honored, mixed with a little nervousness to speak in front of everyone

There is my shy Nick being called to the front to talk about boy scout popcorn sales
 That dad (Mr. Brown) is wearing a corncob hat because he is in charged of the popcorn sales for the boy scout pack.  It was really cute!!

 Guess What.....Nicholas was blessed with winning "Most Fish Caught" trophy.  What a great day it was for him and our family
He was so happy!!  What a sweet little fisherman he is....just like his Daddy and Oompa
Here is Nicholas with his boy scout den
They are such nice little cute too!!!