Saturday, September 22

MADISON'S FIRST CHERRY COKE-and some other stuff

Madison, Daddy and Mommy (me) had a special day and fancy dinner this weekend.  Savannah and Nicholas had gone with Grammy and Nana to Shreveport LA for the weekend for our niece's 3rd birthday tea party.  Daddy and I stayed back to watch over Papa who is not feeling well.  (I was so proud of how brave my little ones were to go without us) Madison stayed back with us because she had a birthday party for a VERY sweet friend Friday evening.

Saturday afternoon, Jeremy went to see Papa and play cards.  Madison and I went to Hobby Lobby (to get supplies for some baby shower favors I was making) and then went and got a Pedi!  It was so much fun to have girl time with my first born!  We visited and just giggled all girls do!
 Here is Madison at the nail salon.  We were totally pampered that afternoon....
 Oh, here is where the Cherry Coke comes in.....we took Madison to a very nice "adult" steak place for dinner.  It was just Madison, Mommy and Daddy.  She got us all to herself and we got her all to ourselves.  It was really fun to hear her thoughts and dreams and just catch up on what was going on with her!  Well, since we were at an adult dinner.....she got to order her first Cherry Coke (the kids are not usually allowed to drink Colas).  She LOVED IT!!
What a big girl!  It is the simple things that bring so much joy!

Here are the shower favors I ended up making for my sweet friend Elizabeth (Lizzy), welcoming her little one, Luke Augustine
 The "Sip and See" theme was Fall/Pumpkin and of course.....Baby!  I found these cute white pumpkins and with the help of my great friend, Angela, came up with an idea for a favor for our guests
The tag says...."Welcoming our Lil Pumpkin"
What a great day seeing the new baby and celebrating with my girlfriends!
Showers (Sip 'n' See) are all about being a girl!