Saturday, September 1


We had our nieces in town this weekend and the kids were SO HAPPY!  Remember how exciting it was to get to see your cousins when you were little!
Hours of play and special food for dinner with all of your extended family!!
The parents always stay up late talking and in turn, the kids get to stay up late too!!
Look what Savannah, Elizabeth, and Nicholas made...
 Hours of building.....mixed with lots of giggling.....and here is what you get!!
 A true victory that everyone was there to see!
3 Great Friends!!
(Savannah, Cousin Elizabeth, and Nicholas)
They love to put blankets on their heads like this and laugh so hard thinking that they look like mommy and daddy!
Now off to bed!!  Everyone will pile in the same bed and be up at the crack of dawn to play some more!  Family is great!