Saturday, September 29


Our little one is 10 today!!  I cannot believe how big she is getting.  She said that she has felt taller lately!!  Anyway, for her birthday, she will be having a party at the movies with all of her friends, but that will not be until next weekend, so today (her actual birthday) we will have a family day, celebrating our sweet girl!

Nicholas and Madison got her a new Monopoly game for her birthday.  She has really wanted this game.  It is different than the Monopoly that I grew up on.  It has NO PAPER MONEY!!  It is actually called, "Monopoly-Electronic Banking".  

Everything is done on credit cards with a little battery powered device that adds and subtracts money from each card as needed.

The prices on the board have gone up A LOT!!  Boardwalk is now 4 MILLION dollars to buy!!  The cheapest locations (remember Baltic and Mediterranean?) cost $600,000.00 to buy!!  Rent is really high too. 
It was the perfect SUPER RAINY indoor family game day!  What a blessed feeling to be inside my dry warm house with my family!!  It really felt like autumn has officially been autumn now for 7 days, but still Texas has been holding it's sunny and 90 degree days steady....until today!!

Anyway, our Daddy, who is a champion at everything Monopoly, read the directions and lead the family game.
Everyone was having a really great time at the beginning!!
We were laughing and joking and all felt very wealthy in our pretend Monopoly world (everyone starts out the game with 15 MILLION dollars!!  Times were great!!
 As our Daddy slowly gains more and more control of the Monopoly game board, spirits are still up as the children's credit cards slowly dwindle in value.
Mommy was the first to go bankrupt!  I wouldn't sell my properties off to save my self.  I didn't want to see any more hotels built!  It began to be scary to even roll the die.  It was just safer to stay in jail at this point! Then at least you wouldn't owe daddy rent if you landed on one of his many properties!!
Madison is now poor too and that is the face that Savannah is giving as Daddy is telling her that she owes him 7.5 MILLION dollars for landing on Illinois Ave with all of the hotels on it!!
It was a great day overall.  When the game was done, we all laughed it off, but the kids may think twice before asking Daddy to play again.  He is just too good!!

Savannah got to pick the dinner location this evening and she chose "Snuffers!" a long time family favorite!
We picked up our Grammy and Nana to join us and headed out in the rainy weather to celebrate.  There were a ton of people out in the Town Square!! I was really surprised!
Grammy and the kids!
Birthday Chocolate shakes with my girl!

Then we dropped by the "Carlyle" a re-hab center where Papa is staying to say hi and open Savannah's gift from Grammy and Oompa!
 Grammy and Nana with Savannah
 Oh Yeah!! Wii Games!!  NBA Slam!!
 Mario Cart too!! I have wanted this game for so long!!
Everyone is excited about the gifts!! The kids cannot wait to share is Savannah's birthday joy!!
On the way home....just enough time to stop by Dunkin Donuts for a Hot Chocolate!  Savannah loves hot chocolate!