Wednesday, October 10


You already know how much I adore my daddy!!  His birthday was today and so we took a ride over to visit him.  We gave him his gift and then had dinner with him and my mom.  Then we all sang "Happy Birthday" standing around my dad and an angel food cake (the traditional birthday cake in my family)
(My Daddy and Nicholas)
I put in this random pic of my Dad and Nicholas, because it ties into an fond memory about him

My Daddy would always wear a suit to work (now he is retired).  When his long workweek was finally finished....he would put his suit on again for Mass on Sunday.

Our Lord only deserves the best and so my daddy dressed up EVERY Sunday in his best suit to attend our Holy Mass.  Where did all of the importance of dressing go these days....everything is casual now....nothing is "important" enough to dress up for.

My Daddy never lost that importance, especially for our Sweet Father in Heaven, Jesus!

  My daddy is so handsome and kind.  He is just an all around amazing person!
I love you