Thursday, September 27


I am loving my quiet and peaceful life as a homeschooling mommy
 Wow....this is really my life!! I am so blessed!! I love being with my kids and getting to teach them everything and get to be with them everyday!  It is such a beautiful gift that our Lord, along with the support of my wonderful Husband,  has blessed me with!
It just feels so right!
 Here is a new drink I tried today.....super yummy!!  It's a teacher's B-12 shot!!
Each morning the kids take turns setting up prayer time in our school room.  They work so hard to make it look so special for Jesus (and Mommy).  They always proudly invite me into see how they have arranged our candle, meditation books and rosaries.  This particular morning, Nicholas found every rosary in the house and set them up under the chalkboard easel with this sign....SO CUTE!!
Jesus is surly smiling when His children show their love and adoration for Him!
If they were not with me everyday, I would miss all of this good stuff!