Sunday, November 18


Madison has always wanted to learn to sew. She is very creative and always very determined and really focused when she has a task on her heart.  That is one of the many special gifts Jesus blessed her with.  Our Grammy is GREAT at sewing.  She makes amazing things for the kids (and for others) all of the time! She and Madison have taken on new sewing projects by "learning as they go" which is always the best way to really learn something.  It's also really fun that way too......they have shared many special moments during these endeavors together!  This visit, Grammy and Madison were determined to learn how to make fleece pajama pants.  Madison did great!! 
 She worked for 2 days on these special pajama pants for herself and also pajama pants for Nicholas and Savannah.....she is a great sister!!
We all went to the store and picked out our fabric.  She made Nicholas' pajama pants first.  He chose "scary" wolf fleece...Yikes! They looked great!!!  Good job Madi!!
Savannah chose "smiling piggies" fleece (super cute) and Madison chose these beautiful butterflies on her yellow fleece pajama pants.  They all looked so cute and were totally warm and cozy!
They are so creative and great!!!  I love their fashion "free-ness"....anything matches!!!

Thank you Grammy for giving Madison such a special gift of your time and talent!

Thank you, God for fleece pajama pants....they are so warm and snuggly! (it sounds silly, but we are truly thankful for fleece pajama is the little things that bring so much joy. We try to take nothing for granted)