Monday, November 12


Fall is in full swing but with all of the craziness in our lives recently, I have barely noticed it in it's entirety.  I have noticed the beautiful red and orange trees and have in all honesty, taken time to appreciate their wonder, (it's my favorite thing about fall) but anything more than that, has not fit into my schedule lately.

My mother in law "Our Grammy" is staying with us this week and she was sitting on our back patio drinking her tea.  She is recovering from being sick so sitting still was a Doctor's order, otherwise, she is always busy with something (she is such a hard worker....always helping others)  She brought to my attention how when the trees are shedding their leaves, they fall like a gentle snow and that in the quietness of this fall morning,  that crisp noise of the brittle leaf braking from it's branch makes the most pleasant sound, like music in the cool breeze.
Then she said something that inspired me even more.....She said that as she was sitting outside just listening, she apologized to our Lord that she had never noticed it before.
I love my mother in law.  She is such a wonderful Christian wife, mother, Grammy, and servant for His Kingdom

Wow, I want that to be my prayer in this moment......

My Dear Jesus, I am so sorry for all that I am missing, all around me, that totally glorifies Your Greatness!  You are EVERYWHERE.  You are EVERYTHING.  In Your own precious words....You proclaimed Your almighty, when you said in Exodus 3:14 "I am who am".

How can a small child like myself even wrap her head around that.  I just think about it and my heart beats faster for You.  You are my strong and powerful Creator, You are my Father and the Father of all, You are my Savior and the Savior of the entire universe!  You are my wonderful and delightful Jesus!
 You have the Most Beautiful and Holy Face