Tuesday, January 15


I give our dog Max a hard time sometimes.....His full name is Maximilian Kolbe (After St. Maximilian Kolbe)
(This is St. Maximilian Kolbe)
(This is our Max)

He really is the sweetest, easiest dog in the whole world!! He is kind and gentle and super loving.  He and I are a lot alike.  We hate being cold and we love to cuddle and sleep in.
This is Max in the morning.  He does not like to got out to go potty until well after 10:00am.  This particular morning, I had to take a pic and text it to Daddy.  We had a surprise snowstorm during the night....it was actually thundering and snowing!!
Anyway, we woke up to a winter wonderland outside (God is amazing), so our homeschool had a pajama day!  I LOVE HOMESCHOOL!! We did all of our lessons by the fireplace.  

Anyway...back to the point of this post.....Max got up to go potty, but when his nose felt the cold of the door opening and he saw the snow on the ground...he backed up and would not go out.....he went and got back into bed.  It was so cute!!

Max really makes us happy!  He is constantly making us smile!

Thank you God, for making this creature that brings us such joy!