Saturday, January 19


My boys were busily working on their Pinewood Derby car for the "Big Race" next Saturday up at the church.  There are SO MANY rules for the Pinewood Derby cars.  They are carved out of 1 solid BLOCK of wood and have to weigh a certain amount and have some more restrictions that I did not hang around long enough to hear.  My boys have it covered!  We went out to the lakehouse this weekend.  the girls and I hung out,  while the boys were in the garage TCB.....taking care of business! They worked REALLY hard but had a GREAT time together!
 They are starting to carve out the shape of the car from the block of wood
 Here's my Noodles working away
 So much saw dust in the air
 He's so cute more pic of my Nicholas!!!
 Daddy's way of cleaning up before lunch....remove all of the sawdust using a leaf blower!!
 Now the other side!!
 Eat a quick back to work!
 It is starting to show it's shape now.....what will it look's a surprise!!
 Lots of hours of work
It's starting to take shape.....what was Nick's dream car shape this year.....
A hot dog car!!
 Now that it is carved, now it's time to paint it...very carefully
 Put the wheels on so that it can win the race!!
 Isn't it amazing!! They did such a great job!! Daddy and Nicholas are a great team!!
Here she is...Will she win the race.....or at least win an award for creativity!!
Last important step.....the weigh in!!  It must be exactly the right weight or it will be disqualified!
The official weigh in is at the church the night before the race....for now, our "Weight Watchers" meat scale is as official as we can get.
There are my two boys!! I love them so much!!
(I just had to post one more pic of them while they were in the middle of carving the hotdog race car)

I feel like the luckiest girl in the world!!!
(or as Madison would remind me, there is no such thing as luck....I mean that I am the most BLESSED girl in the world)


Here are some pics from the was a VERY exciting day, I must say!!

The crowd was all a buzz about the "hotdog" derby car

ON YOUR MARKS....(do you see the hotdog)  
The announcer for the race said that Nick's hotdog was the "fastest food" he had ever seen!!
 Here they come down the race track!
The anticipation is almost too much to take......who will win the race!!
They were SPEEDING so fast, if you weren't looking, you would've missed the entire thing......good thing I am a FAST photog!!
Nick's amazing hotdog wins!!
What a victory for hotdogs everywhere!!
(notice that at the bottom of the screen, they have Nicholas Lustig as the fastest speed record thus far in the Pinewood derby race)
Nick's race car finishes in 5th place over all in his division!!  Yeah, Nicholas!!
But that is not all......Nicholas won first place in the category of "Best Car Design"  Of course!!!  He is so creative
We are so proud of our sweet little man!!  Congrats Nicholas and thank you, Lord for Little boys and race cars!!