Monday, January 28


We are going to Breckenridge Colorado next weekend so we had to try on our snowboarding clothes to make sure that they still fit from last year.  All of the kids LOVE to snowboard, but Nick was the most excited of the 3 kids to try on his stuff days before the trip
NEW snow pants.....OLD ski goggles......but do they fit well enough to rough the powder on the mountain?
Testing the snowboard down hill stance......
This is Nick's foam surf board that he uses in the pool, but you get the idea!
 Well, do they work..........................OH YEAH they do!!
Now let's see if my new boots are really waterproof?  Let's test them out in the swimming pool
 Will they keep my feet nice and dry and are they comfy with my thick wool socks?
 "Look Mom, my feet are still dry and toasty warm!"  "They are perfect.....and they are just like Daddy's....I can even wear them for hunting season!!"  DOUBLE SCORE
Here's Madison 
She looks like a little ski bunny!!  We did not get a pic of Savannah, even though she cannot wait to hit the slopes either.  What a fun trip it will be!!

Thank you, Lord for all that You have created for us to enjoy....Thank you for family trips, pure, soft snow......and for new snow gear!