Sunday, February 3


The kids snowboarded all day long today.  They love this sport and we feel so blessed to be able to expose them to it....... being from Texas!!

The kids spend the day snowboarding down the us for lunch and then go back out to board some more until late afternoon!  The cold doesn't even faze them!!  They have a love for skiing just like their Daddy!!  Of course, Daddy skied...he did not snowboard.  There is a long standing dislike between skiers and snow boarders (at least there was in the 90's) In fact snowboarders RUINED the snow in Jeremy's eyes!!  But even with Daddy's snow boarding prejudices.....he is really proud how well our kids are picking it up and how brave they are.

Jeremy even taught me how to ski when we were in took a lot of patience on his part and when I think back to it, knowing how much I really despise cold weather......he must have been PRETTY CUTE for me to have braved that blistering cold wind (I even made sure that I dressed in a cute snow bunny outfit and kept a smile on my face at all times)

Now, even with Jeremy's hurt knee, we can still give this gift of skiing (snowboarding) to our children. We hire a private instructor to board with them while we sit and sip hot drinks in the lodge.  Grammy and Oompa come with us and the boys play cribbage while us girls visit and discuss important life issues.  We have had the same instructor with the kids each time and we have grown to LOVE him like one of the family.  His name is Nick
(Here's Nick with the kids)
He is so great!!  He is a wonderful, energetic, CHRISTIAN (Catholic like us) young man and the kids adore him.  They really enjoy being with him on the mountain. Our kids will step outside their comfort zone....snowboarding, trusting that he know's what he is doing. He is so kind to them.  They are great snowboarders because of him!  We are so thankful that he has been able to ski with the kids each time.

Here is Nick with my little Nick.  Big Nick also introduced us to his good friend Nick who snow boards too.  There are a lot of Nicks.....So BIG Nick always tells little Nick that Nicks are taking over the world!!  Our Nick thinks that that is so funny and laughs......and of course TOTALLY believes him.
We are blessed with all of the special people that Jesus puts into our lives.  People that are GOOD for our souls.  Who not only uplift us, but help us to grow in virtue through their example.  Nick says that he really LOVES our family....and we really love him too



Oh uh!!  How should we end our great snowboarding vacation....

My baby girl fractured her arm!!!  What a memory!!  It was a blessed could've been a lot worse.  She HAS always wanted a cast!!!

A very expensive 13th birthday present to show off to all of her friends!!

(Not to worry.....her Dr told her that she can still jump at her trampoline birthday party this coming Friday)