Friday, February 15


Look how beautiful my little girl looks with her big girl face.....she leaves me speechless!!!

(Natalie and Madison)
(Such sweet and special friends)

My friend Angela and I took our 2 daughters (newly teenage daughters) and tried on make-up......not that either of them need any make up, but we wanted to celebrate their new titles as official teens and be a part in this most special experience. It was so much fun and special for us to do together!  I never want her to think that growing up is a negative experience or that I want her to be young forever (even though part of my heart will always yearn for that).  I don't want her to feel like she's disappointing me by growing up......she would be the type of girl to be sad that she was not pleasing her mommy by staying little forever.  She is just so precious to me.

We took them to a place in Southlake called, "Let's Makeup"
It was such a fun and girly place!!

Each girl had a personal make up artist show her what colors of make up looked good with her skin tones and how to apply it.....the girls were so excited and a little surprised to see themselves in make up for the first time


My little girl did really turn 13 and even though as a mother, I shutter to think of her growing older and leaving the nest (I want her to be with me forever), but she has a special mission given to her at her creation that I need to self-less-ly cooperate with.  

As a prayerful Christian mother, I realize that Madison is only mine to borrow for a time and it is my job through my precious vocation of motherhood to prepare her for her earthly ministry as she journeys toward our Lord Jesus in Heaven to live with Him for all eternity.  That is my most important calling in return His sacred little children s' souls to Him.
More important than ANYTHING else we do as parents, is giving our Children faith in our Lord and fostering that faith in their lives.....SERIOUSLY.....that is the most important thing of all.

So, in light of this realization that time is moving faster than my heart can prepare for...I am bitter-sweetly celebrating her blossoming life.

We ended our evening with a girls dinner (at a seafood restaurant of course because it was a Friday during Lent) and a sleepover at our house, where the girls stayed up really late scrapbooking, visiting about girly stuff and laughing until they fell asleep!

Dear Lord, please guide me as Madison's mother to help her grow into the beautiful and holy young woman that You have envisioned.    She loves You so much and wants to be Your delight!