Thursday, February 21


I just love when our Lord blesses me with something that I totally do not deserve....I guess that is most things in life.....He is so generous with His children and loves us so much....even when we are NOT our BEST selves.

ANYWAY....My wonderful friend Gisele invited us to the Children's museum (I am so thankful for my   gracious friends who go out of their way to think of me and keep me social.....I can be so introverted sometimes).  So, we ventured out to down town Ft. Worth and made an afternoon of it.  

These are the days when I "feel" like an awesome mom!! "I took my children to the museum and they learned so much through educational experiences and hands on activities!!"  Well, Gisele and I joked all day about how awesome we were for taking the kids to the museum all day and low and behold our Lord stepped in and surprised us!! (Our Father in Heaven has a way of always making us look so good, doesn't He?!?)

First of all before the big surprise, let warm up with some highlights from the day!
(Madison and Claire) 
How cool is that?!?!?  It is a giant "lite Brite"
 Savannah and Kileigh are such sweet friends!
(Nicholas training on a Flight Simulator.  This is the real simulator used by fighter cool!!)

 It was Engineering week at the museum, so Lockheed Martin was there with some hands on exhibits for the kids to see and touch.
 Madison and Claire....precious young ladies
 Savannah's turn to land the fighter jet
 Nicholas building a structure with a Lockheed Martin structural much better than school books today!!
Savannah on the "bed of nails" teaching the kids how surface area and pressure points play in to the world
 Here is Kileigh giving the nail bed a try
Here is Nick showing off his courage by his side positioning......He admitted that it hurt a little laying that way....again we need to review the laws of surface area and skim over the chapter on pressure points
I am a super fun mom, right?......(YIKES!!!)

Okay, here is where the big surprise comes was getting late and the museum was almost empty.  We were thinking about leaving, when.........Channel 11 news showed up with their chief meteorologist Jeff Jamison.
 Here is Jeff Jamison with all of the kids
 He not only talked to the kids about weather
He also answered their questions....we asked some good ones too!!  Those homeschooled kids are so smart!!

 And.....are you ready for the biggie?!?!?!
 He did a Live weather broadcast with the kids on channel 11!!  Wow, what a special treat that we did not even plan on for, that day!!  

Not only did Gisele and I brave the museum like good mommies should....our kids got to be on TV too!! All of the family got to see them!  What a memorable experience for them!! Finishing off with a mommy Grand Slam.....Slumber Party!!!  All the kids stayed overnight at our house!! 

God is amazing!! All that I can say is a humble thank You for this great day!!

(Me and Gisele)
Here are the 2 mommies back in Keller that evening.  Gisele is such an awesome friend and mommy!!  We ALWAYS have a lot of fun.  She always inspires me!!  I am so glad that we are facing homeschooling together!!  Yikes...our girls are almost in high school!!

Dare we say that we were awesome moms today?!?!  With a quick wink and a thank you to our Lord above for blessing us so greatly this day.......and everyday!