Sunday, March 24


I was so excited to have TWO DATE NIGHTS with the love of my life this past weekend!! What an unexpected blessing!!  

Saturday night my SWEET SISTER, Kelley wanted my kids to come to Mass with them (they have a beautiful play of the "Passion of Jesus" during their Palm Sunday Mass) and to then spend the night at her house with all of the cousins......what a great opportunity for us to have a date night!!

We started the evening by going to Mass at our church and then met our friends Ron and Angela at Boi Na Braza (a Brazilian Steakhouse) for dinner.  What a fun evening filled with good food (lots of meat!),  blessed with good friends, and sprinkled with LOTS of laughs!!  Never a dull moment with Ron and Angela (they are our friends that we went to NYC with), we are always cracking each other up (we think that we are super funny)!
How a Brazilian steakhouse works is, you arrive and after being seated you fill your plate with tastey treats from their beautiful and HUGE grand buffet
I know.....right?!?!
Then, the waiter walk around with lots of different meats prepared in different (yummy) ways and you get to have as much as you want!  You can try everything....and we did!!
When we weren't just laughing at each other, we were giggling over how much MEAT there was to choose from!!
I felt like a princess at a fancy banquet!!  Then, I ate too much and felt sick....

(I don't have a pic of us and our friends to share from the was awesome!! We were just too busy visiting to take a minute to capture this fun memory with a picture)

(me, Lori, Felix, and my Jer-bear)
We had Mavs tickets!  Another fun evening for Jeremy and I with our friends, Felix and Lori.....This evening was ALSO filled with lots of amazing food and a lot of laughs!  Isn't it funny how eating is such a part of socializing.  Sharing a meal with beloved friends is so intimate and joyful.

Lori and I had decided by about 2 quarter that we did not deserve those nice seats at the game because we were barely watching anything that we going on!!  We just couldn't stop talking to each other about this and that......So many subjects to discuss and so little time to discuss them all!  We always say that if we had hours of uninterrupted conversation, there would never be even one uncomfortable moment of silence and we would NEVER cover h all of the things that we needed to catch up on.  Aren't friends great!!!
btw.....The Mavs won!!

What an exceptional weekend this was
We are so blessed