Wednesday, March 27


Nicholas ALWAYS grabs the "Cabela's" magazine out of the mailbox to save for Daddy.
Nicholas loves everything that his Daddy loves......Daddies and sons are like that, you know!!

Anyway, this Cabela's magazine was no different.....he always takes it from the pile of mail, sets it aside and waits for Daddy walk in the door from work........then he says "Daddy, look what came today!!" and they look at it together.

Jeremy (Daddy) goes on a yearly fishing adventure with his dad and brother and little Nicholas is COUNTING down the days until he can be included with "the boys" for the trip.

After Nicholas looked through this issue of the Cabela's "Fly Fishing" addition, he tore out part of a page and started writing a note

He found a fishing boat built for 2 PEOPLE to sit in and fish together 
He put the picture into an envelope and wrote this on the outside of the envelope.....a note (and drawing) for his very special fishing buddy.....his Daddy

I love him so much.....he is such a special kid!! He loves everything Daddy!!
What a special love he has for his Daddy.  What a special relationship they have been blessed with.  This important relationship is the first flavor that little Nicholas will have of the "perfect" relationship he will enjoy with his Heavenly Father, our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Our Lord gave Daddies such a special and important job.  As the spiritual head of their homes, they are to bring to their little ones, our sweet Jesus Christ and emulate that Love that Christ has for them.
God Bless our Daddies....and their sweet sons