Saturday, March 2


I know that I tell a lot of stories about Nicholas, but being the youngest in the family, he is always making us laugh with his sweet and innocent "little boy" perception of the world.

(My little Nick 3 years ago....after a long day at our church's Fall Festival)

Not sure how to take this, but just had to blog about it so I never forget that it happened. Today Nicholas comes in my room and I can tell that he wants to talk, but he's just sitting there kinda looking at me.....He finally says "Mom, can I ask you a question?"  Of course I say, "yes." He asks "Did you and Daddy adopt me?"  A little surprised by the question, I answer, "No, baby boy....Jesus created you with love and then I grew you in my belly!" (I always tell my kids that). 

I asked him, "Why do you ask?" and he said "I don't know...I just wondered."  We'll a couple of minutes later he says "Mom....Ya know how you just asked me why I had asked that questions and I said that I had just wondered?"  "Yes", I respond.  He thinks for a second and then says, "Well, it's just that all of you are so nice to me, it's like it's UNREAL!"

okay....I am thinking, not completely sure what to do with that

He continues...."And ya know how everybody says that I look just like Daddy?....Well, I thought that maybe you just told everyone to say that so I wouldn't know"
I love his little heart!