Friday, March 1


Our little Savannah is owner to one of the softest hearts in the world.  She is such a special little child of Jesus.  She is always wanting to please Him and that is such a blessing.  The only time that it becomes difficult is when she is worried that she did not make the right choice.  Her heart breaks at the thought that she may have done something to hurt Him by hurting someone else.  

We have to keep reminding her that her Father in Heaven loves her no matter what and that He will never stop.  His Perfect Love is unconditional!  We tell her that she is His delight!  She makes Him smile and brings Him such joy when He sees her trying to please any Father would.  He is also so very forgiving when we mess up sometimes....heck, He created us!  He knows that we will not always make the right choices......He waits with open Arms for us to return to Him and confess our failings.  He smiles and instantly forgets what we confessed.  We are able to hide in His perfect Love and endless Mercy 
(You cannot tell in the picture...but her sweet little eyes had tears in them)

Her sensitivity goes beyond this as well......she is always afraid that the worst possible things in the world are going to happen to her.  When it rains, a tornado must be coming, when her tummy hurts, it's gotta be cancer,  When a friend of her sister got sick with strep throat,  she knew for sure that she had  already caught it because she saw that girl at church and stood by that girl's sister.  Our house WILL eventually  burn's only a matter of time now and she has been experiencing weird pains in her chest ever since our Grammy had her heart attack.
We love her so much and just have to keep reassuring her that she is going to be okay.  Her life is in Christ's protective Hands and that if something were to happen to her or to our home or to any member of our family, God will protect us every step of the way.  He will not give us more than we can handle.  He is our strength and He is our Salvation!!  We have nothing to fear!!

Her eyes get so big when she is worried about something, and as the words of fear come out  of her mouth, her eyes fill up with precious sweet little innocent tears.

Wow, she is special and fragile.  Her soft heart is going to play such an important role in the most special mission that our Creator has planned for Savannah.  He planned it even before He lovingly and carefully formed her inside of my womb
She is just so little....her favorite "lamb" pajama pants are just a little too small
Savannah, You are my darling and I love you with all of my heart!!  You are such a delight to me......You are your Daddy and my treasure and you teach us so much about how to truly love others