Friday, April 19


I know that I always talk about my Sweet Lord Jesus, but there is just so much to say about Him everyday.  He blesses me countless times per minute......and every once in a while, I notice (please forgive me for that) He is so much more than my mind could ever imagine. He is my every breath.

Just as I always worry about my precious little children and think of them every second, Jesus loves me with all of His Heart and He never stops thinking about me.

When I was little girl and even as I grew older, I would wake up in the night to my daddy (often along with my mom) in my room, either kneeling and praying at my bedside, or standing in my doorway to make sure that I was okay.  Even a couple of years ago, when I had gone through a surgery and Jeremy had to leave to go to the pharmacy for medicine, my daddy so patiently sat by my bed and watched me sleep to make sure that I did not stop breathing.......(I guess that is just what daddies do, right?)

Well, I have been pretty sick (my body just cannot kick this) It is frustrating to me that I need to be a mommy right now, but I am just laying there sick and I just feel so helpless....while my little ones need me so much.  
Well, the other night, I heard gentle footsteps in my room.....just pacing.  Surprisingly, I was NOT afraid at all, but just kept looking around to see if someone had come in (I just knew that someone had to be there b/c there were definitely footsteps). Then it just hit my heart so powerfully that I began to cry with the thought.  It was Jesus in my room.....pacing back and forth at the end of my bed, as any loving Father would if His little girl was sick.  What an awesome awareness I was blessed with.

I love You so much Father. Please make me better so that I can be a good mommy