Monday, April 22


All of the kids piled in our room tonight for a "family camp out"  As Nicholas called it.  We just all wanted to sleep together so the kids threw blankets and pillows in our bedroom's sitting area (where Max sleeps by the fireplace) and had a slumber party.
I love how they all just pile on the floor, kind of overlapping each other, like sleeping kittens
Daddy joined in on the floor to lead our family prayer time, but soon ended up in our big soft bed for a good night's sleep
It was quite a sight indeed....I just had to take pictures of them together
 Here are all of my loves laying on the blankets that the kids set up around Max's bed
 Here is a closer picture of Daddy, Savannah, Nick, and of course, Max
 Max is absolutely LOVING this by the way......he is such a snuggle bunny
(even though he is a dog)
Madison, being the oldest decided that she needed a cot to sleep on, so she drug our big camping cot in and laid her pillow pallet on top of it.  A bed truly fit for a princess

I love when we are all together, especially at night.  This whole "family camp out" in Daddy and Mommy's room totally warmed my heart
I cannot help admitting that I loved it!!