Tuesday, April 2


Each morning, I so often I find little love notes and pictures drawn by one of my sweet children on our schoolroom chalkboard (I love homeschooling them....I am such a lucky mommy).  We start each school day with prayer time in a circle on the rug and the kids take turns setting it up (bibles, rosaries, candle, etc...).  Now it has become this huge deal, where prayer time is set up with extreme thought and so much consideration.  Each child takes such great care to surprise me with a really special prayer space.
So each morning, as Madison, Savannah, or Nicholas lead me by the hand, my eyes closed, into the schoolroom for prayer time, they excitedly watch as I open up my eyes and see what they have created for Jesus (and me) on the chalkboard and for prayer time on the rug

Today was Nick's day to set up for prayer time, and I found a little note drawn by Nicholas on the board and I wanted to post it because he was so cute to write that he loved each person our family...

BUT WAIT....here comes his innocent little heart.....the cuter part

Then, so as not to hurt Madison or Savannah's feelings, he signed his adorable little note from ALL THREE KIDS......but if you look closely, he includes every person in the love note and then signs the note from every person!!  Oh my precious little Nick!!  He is always VERY thoughtful and kindhearted.  He never wants to make anyone sad
My Children are such a blessing to me!! I love them so much!!
Between them and my precious love, Jeremy....I really do feel like the luckiest girl in the world!!